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Ambassador Theatre Tickets

Oconnell Street,  DublinDublin 1IE

Venue Details


The Ambassador is located at the top of O'Connell Street, on Parnell Square in Dublin 1, on the northside of the city.


The nearest car parks are Ilac Centre Car Park & Parnell Centre Car Park. There is some on street parking in the area around Parnell Square.

Public Transportation
Most buses that stop in the city centre will leave you within a few minutes’ walk of The Ambassador, nearest bus stops are on O’Connell Street and Parnell Square. Bus Aras Bus Station and Connolly Train Station are approximately 15 minutes walk away. Nearest Luas stop is Jervis or Abbey Street. Nearest Dublin Bike station is Cathal Brutha Street. There is a taxi rank on O’Connell Street, 2 minutes walk from the theatre.

Box Office Hours

Tickets if not sold out will be available at the venue on the day of the event. Otherwise all tickets sold in advance via Ticketmaster.

Types of Payment Accepted

Credit Card Collections can be collected at the venue on the day of the event only.

Box Office Collection Accepted

Tickets can be collected from the Box office at the venue on the Night of an event only.

Accessible Seating

The Ambassador is fully wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair patrons can book General Admission tickets via Ticketmaster, and we will ensure you are looked after on the day when you arrive.

General Rules

Unless otherwise stated, all exhibitions at The Ambassador Theatre are open to all ages.


For further info on the current exhibition please visit:

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