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Ticketmaster's world-wide clients include sports arenas, live entertainment promoters, theatres, tourist attractions, concert halls, outdoor events, and museums. Ticketmaster provides a diverse range of services including computerised ticketing systems, admission systems, and fully transactional websites.

If you have an event that you would like Ticketmaster to sell on your behalf please contact us at alternatively call us on +353 1 6486000. You should include some basic details regarding the event. These include date & times, ticket price, venue and capacity.

Ticketmaster operates special programs for group sales. If you are interested in enquiring about Group Bookings please call our Group Bookings Department on +353 1 6486029.

If you are interested in becoming a Ticketmaster Ticket Centre, please apply in writing to Business Development, Ticketmaster, Grafton House, 70 Grafton St, Dublin 2. You should provide details of your business and location.

If you are interested in developing a media, promotional or Internet relationship with Ticketmaster, please contact
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