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More info about Snooker Legends
Snooker Legends
Irish Snooker Legends Cup at Goffs Kildare on 29 December. Tickets are on sale now.
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More info about Live At Leopardstown
Live At Leopardstown
Live music & horse racing every Thursday at Bulmers Live At Leopardstown until 14 August.
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More info about Guinness Series
Guinness Series
Guinness Series - Ireland V Georgia, South Africa & Australia this November. Tickets are on sale now.
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More info about Martínez vs Frampton 2
Martínez vs Frampton 2
Titanic Showdown - Martínez vs Frampton 2, Titanic Centre, 6 September. Tickets on sale now.
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More info about Croke Park Classic
Croke Park Classic
Penn State Nittany Lions V UCF Knights at Croke Park on Saturday 30 August 2014.
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