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A Woman's Heart


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About A Woman's Heart

Eleanor McEvoy
Hermione Hennessy
Gemma Hayes,
Sharon Shannon
Mary Coughlan
..and more to be announced

“A Woman’s Heart” - the song collection of Irelands best female singers led by Eleanor McEvoy’s title track, went straight to the top of the album charts and straight to the hearts of all who heard it.

It became one of the best selling albums of all time. Now, the main protagonists get together again in the Olympia Theatre this August to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album. All the singers will perform solo slots and the ensemble finale they deliver at their Olympia Shows is now reaching legendary status.

Plans are in place to record the shows for a live album and DVD to capture the magic that happens when all the girls sing together where their unique harmonies create a special magic that enchants all who hear it. Because all the singers have such busy solo careers, it is becoming harder to get them all in the one place at the same time, so any opportunity to hear them all together should not be missed.