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About American Wrestling

The Earth will shake and shatter, when World's Collide this year...
As the WRESTLING IE - WARRIORS take to the ring, for an epic-encounter!!!
The Arena will crumble, as the American Wrestling Superstars get ready to rumble...
In a one-night, Knockout Championship Tournament... to crown a new champion!!!
Don't dare miss out, when fan-favourites the All-American Boy and 'Sideshow' Steve Savage...
Get to grips, with bad-boys 'Trillionaire' Terry Tycoon and the Grave Digger!!!
Watch out, as high-flying stars such as Mexico's Super-Lucha, takes to the sky...
In an exciting effort to defeat the Executioner and 'Road-Rage' Hardy Davidson!!!
Stand back in amazement, when American action-man, G.I. Steve Armstrong...
Goes head-to-head in an all-out war, against the mean-marine, Corporal Punishment!!!
Cheer-on good-guys, Mr. Machismo and the wild-west country-cowboy, the Flexin' Texan...
As they challenge rasslin' rulebreakers, like the Bonecrusher!!!
Tag-Teams shall be torn-apart, as the Championship Tournament is every-man for themselves...
Deadly-duos will be put to the test, such as Danny 'Boy' Butler and his partner, Polish Power!!!
Look-out as long-time friends become bitter-rivals, in the quest for gold...
When alliances, like the tandem of the Kamikaze Kid and 'Dynamite' Dean, EXPLODE!!!
However the show must go-on, with the likes of the American-gladiator, Titan...
Keen to display his incredible power against circus-strongman, Brute Force!!!
The fighting-farmer, Muscly Ferguson will go through opponents for a short-cut...
That is, if he can stand the heat, when the ladies-man, Hot Stuff enters the arena!!!
Captain Courageous, the powerslamin' pirate has travelled the seven-seas in search of gold...
Will he be victorious, stepping ashore to square-off with the vicious-vampire, Blood-Sucka!!!
Native American, Chief Warpath promises to live up to his heritage of 'No Guts, No Glory'...
But not as long as the sneaky and slithery, Skullduggery has a cheating-chance!!!
Cheer the GOODIES, boo the BADDIES, and get your tickets today...
For the family-bonding experience of the year!!!
A sell-out crowd is expected, BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment...
So what are you waiting for... Do we have to twist your arm???

Updated: October 2019