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About Aurora

Aurora Aksnes is a singer-songwriter who crafts dark pop music of rare depth. Aged 19, she is an autodidact and has been writing songs for almost half her life. “I’ve had lots of practice, but I never dreamed about standing on a stage or being famous,” she says. “That wasn’t what I wanted. All I knew is that I needed to write music for myself.” 

Until she reached her teens, nobody else had ever heard Aurora play her own music. She was 14 before her mother realised that she had been spending her time squirreled away in her bedroom writing songs and insisted that her daughter play them for her. “I don’t think my parents even knew that I wrote songs until then,” says Aurora. “When my mother found out she made me perform my songs for her. She really liked the lyrics and the message they carried. She told me that it wasn’t right to keep them to myself. She told me I should share them with people, and that then they might find that the songs can help them. That’s when I decided to do start playing my music for other people.”

While she was armed with the idea that her music could help people who needed it, this didn’t help Aurora to deal with the shock of the stage fright that struck her when she tried to perform her very personal songs in front of an audience. It was one year after her debut performance that Aurora first came to the attention of anyone outside of her school assembly hall. One of Aurora’s friends uploaded a song onto a Norwegian streaming site, where it was spotted by Made management. "They’re my managers and I’ve been working with them ever since. It started to feel serious when I signed with them, but it got really serious when I signed with Glassnote and Decca.”

That deal, signed in October 2014, has given Aurora the opportunity to start work on her debut album. She recently returned home to Bergen to film the video for her debut single Runaway, which she says “was written a long time ago…. well, two years ago. I was 16 when I wrote it. It’s about . The song is about wanting to go out into the world and experience things, and a person who does that, but the world becomes too much for them. The world is too hard and too big for them, and they really just want to go home and be safe.”