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Bishop Nehru

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About Bishop Nehru

When freshmen candidate Bishop Nehru first started to make waves, hip-hop fans and purists were impressed with the lyrical prowess of a kid who wasn’t even old enough to cop cigarettes from the corner store. As the years have passed, Bishop has literally grown before our eyes and his music and production skills are growing impressively with each passing year and project. After closing out 2015 with four new tracks to celebrate his birthday, the New York rapper has announced that he’s releasing a new mixtape called Magic 19 this spring.

Along with the mixtape news, Bish also dropped “$acred Visions,” a self-produced joint that shows the young MC’s talent and potential. Featuring an old-school beat that would be fitting for the late, great Guru of Gang Starr. In a press release, Nehru promised, “True evolution. New flows, new sounds” with Magic 19.

Nehru caught up with XXL shortly after his NehruvianDOOM EP dropped and the young rapper said he was ready to get right back to work. “I mean, I’m happy with [NehruvianDOOM], obviously, because it’s a project with one of my influences,” he said. “I feel like with that, a lot of it is my 16-year-old, 17-year-old lyrics, and I’ve grown a lot since 16 and 17. My perspective on things. My poetry’s gotten better; I’ve gotten better at describing certain things.”

For a 19-year-old, Bishop Nehru is wise beyond his years.