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About Bjorn Again

Björn Again was created and founded by Rod Stephen (director and musician) in 1988 in Melbourne, Australia. Seen as a light-hearted satirical parody of ABBA and a brand in its own right, the show rapidly achieved cult status. Rod's production company based in North London employs top class professional performers having done over 10,000 shows in 70 countries in 25 years.

With good wishes from ABBA's blonde vocalist Agnetha Fältskog the ultimate aim, as always for Rod, is to keep his iconic brand at the top and continue for as long as people want to hear ABBA's songs performed only the way Björn Again does them.

Björn personnel are comprised from a pool of performers from throughout the Northern Hemisphere who are overseen by Rod who often plays Bass guitar and sings with onstage.

Having been acknowledged by Björn Ulvaeus as being the show that single-handedly initiated the ABBA revival in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Björn Again show is hailed as the most popular and successful show of its type.