A Ticket to Last Forever

Unique to Ticketmaster, a Collector Ticket is the best way for you to treasure the incredible memories you make when you're at a brilliant show. It's a physical ticket you can put around your neck and take with you to enter the venue.

The best thing about a Collector Ticket? You can take it home as a souvenir to remind you of all the unforgettable moments at the show. It's the perfect ticket every fan needs...

They're not always available as they're custom-made... So grab them if you can!

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You Can Buy a Collector Ticket for These Events:

2 Feb 2022

Simply Red

3Arena, Dublin

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01-02 Jun 2022

Celine Dion

3Arena, Dublin

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10 June 2022

Olly Murs

Botanic Gardens, Belfast

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19 Jun 2022


3Arena, Dublin

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May - June 2022

Various Artists

Live At The Marquee, Cork

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July 2022

Various Artists

Iveagh Gardens, Dublin

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What is a Collector Ticket?

Collector Ticket is a customised ticket the size of a credit card that is unique to the shows you're going to. Every Collector Ticket comes with a free lanyard to make it easy to hang around your neck.

For example if you order four Collector Tickets, you'll receive four passes and four lanyards.

How does a Collector Ticket work?

A Collector Ticket is just like any other ticket. It has a unique barcode which is then scanned at the entrance. Bring it to the venue, get it scanned by security and enjoy the show!

The only exception are for shows which exclusively use mobile tickets. If that is the case, the Collector Ticket has no barcode, and is simply a beautiful piece of memorabilia for you to take home.

When can I expect to receive a Collector Ticket?

We'll despatch your Collector Ticket as soon as we can. You'll normally get it a week before the event, but usually sooner. Because every Collector Ticket is customised for that tour, we can't specify a precise delivery date.

If it's less than a week to go and you still haven't received your order, please contact Customer Service as soon as possible.

How much does a Collector Ticket cost?

A Collector Ticket costs €5.95 on top of the face value of your ticket.

Can I order one Collector Ticket and one normal ticket?

Because of the unique way Collector Tickets are made, you can only order Collector Tickets on a single order. If you want to buy a Collector Ticket and a normal ticket, you would have to do two different orders.

Do I have to wear the Collector Ticket around my neck?

You can wear it however you like wherever you like. Remember that unless the show uses exclusively mobile tickets, you'll need to keep your ticket with you at all times during the event just in case security need to check your ticket.

Disclaimer: The final product may differ from the picture shown on the webpage.

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