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Easter Head Hunt

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About Easter Head Hunt

Don't Lose YOUR Head This Easter -
at The London Bridge Experience's


The Easter Head Hunt is suitable for all ages and runs from April 1st to April 18th, with special chocaltey treats for successful explorers on April 4th, 5th and 6th.

The London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs are holding a cracking treasure hunt this Easter Holidays; THE EASTER HEAD HUNT for intrepid eggs-plorers keen to find out more about the history of this fascinating bridge, and to delve into its chilling past.

The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs is a two-part visitor attraction built in 2008 underneath the catacombs of London Bridge. Thanks to an impressing £750k new set design which features the latest in digital animatronics, The London Bridge Experience aims to be at the forefront of the industry by ensuring visitors receive an accurate experience of what life used to be like throughout its extensive history.

With the help of a number of familiar characters, visitors are encouraged to embrace life as a Roman, tread carefully through an ancient Viking prison, help pull down London Bridge with King Olaf II and join forces with The Keeper of the Heads to successfully succeed on this special Easter mission.

The Easter Head Hunt is a fun yet educational way to keep the kids entertained over the Easter holidays. In order to celebrate the season, The London Bridge Experience have hidden a number of gruesome severed heads around the attraction and and clever detectives who find all the eggs will get an eggstra special reward at the end of the hunt.

Directly beneath The London Bridge Experience, are the infamous London Tombs. Using the latest in animatronic-motion technology, visitors are invited to mix history with hysteria down in the deep, dark depths of the tombs where hundreds of plague victims were once buried.

However, this certainly isn't for the faint hearted as lurking behind each corner awaits an array of mysterious creatures including spiders, a stinking sewer stench and our new animatronic mongrel which will terrify even the most dedicated dog lover.

The London Tombs are proud to be named as the UK's Scariest Visitor Attraction - and invite those who are brave enough to come down and put this to the test.

As terrifying as the London Tombs may appear, this part of the attraction is optional. We can assure that at no point during your visit will any of our characters touch visitors, ensuring the experience to be both thrilling yet enjoyable. We do not recommend this part of the attraction for under elevens, however we do offer younger visitors with a 'guardian angel' who will accompany timid visitors through the London Tombs and protect them from anything too frightening.

After emerging from the Tombs, visitors are then invited to discover a number of ancient artefacts from London Bridge's past. The Peter Jackson Collection is dedicated to the life and work of Peter Jackson OBE, who famously dedicated his life to the study of London. In this unique exhibition, visitors can also learn how the bridge has been transformed over the centuries.

We also have a fabulous gift shop where visitors are invited to treasure the memories of The London Bridge Experience & The London Tombs with a range of spooky memorabilia. With gifts ranging from skeleton keyrings, branded t-shirts and memento photographs, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The London Bridge Experience is a historical yet hysterical experience, and is an EGGSTREMELY good way to entertain bored children this Easter.