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What are Ticketmaster Ticket Centres?

A Ticketmaster ticket centre is a retail location, where you can go in person and buy your tickets. Its staff members use the Ticketmaster system to show you seating plans of the venue and event information, including venue directions and facilities available on-site. They also use the system to print tickets.

How can I pay at a Ticketmaster Ticket Centre?

You can pay by cash. Most ticket centres also accept credit/debit cards and Ticketmaster Gift Cards.

Can I inquire about an event at a Ticketmaster ticket centre?

Ticket centres cannot accept any phone calls regarding tickets.

Can I get my tickets exchanged at a Ticketmaster ticket centre?

Once tickets have been purchased they cannot be exchanged, refunded, cancelled or replaced.

Are tickets for all Ticketmaster events available from Ticketmaster ticket centres

Of all the events on sale on, many are available from ticket centres.