Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Tickets

If you have not received your tickets within five days prior to an event, or you notice your tickets are missing or have been destroyed, please click on the link below and "Ask a Question" immediately. Be prepared with the confirmation number for your account. Our Customer Services Advisors are available to answer your questions and resolve your queries quickly and easily.

By verifying whether the tickets are replaceable, and, if they are replaceable, they will instruct you as to where and when to pick up your replacement tickets. This is normally done at the Box Office prior to the show, and the tickets are marked as "Duplicate" so that they are easily identified as the valid tickets, however Ticketmaster may require you to follow a different procedure in order to obtain the replacement tickets. If replacement tickets are to be issued, then we may require that they only be picked up by the person whose name appears on the credit card used to purchase the tickets and that that person must present the credit card used to purchase the tickets, along with a confirmation number and valid photo identification.

Tickets should always be treated like cash. General admission tickets cannot be replaced. Keep them in a safe place, away from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture. Be sure to store them where they can easily be found again. Tickets are printed on heat-sensitive paper. Any contact with higher temperatures will cause the ticket to darken or turn black, so please keep this in mind when storing. Do not attempt to laminate tickets.

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