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How Now Mrs Brown Cow


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About How Now Mrs Brown Cow

How Now Mrs Brown Cow

By Brendan O'Carroll

Having already stretched the "Trilogy" to a hilarious four parts, get ready Glasgow here she comes again, Brendan O'Carroll, Mrs Brown with part FIVE. Starring all of Mrs. Browns Boys (And Girls)

It's just weeks to go to Christmas in the Brown house. The turkey is getting plucked and GRANDDAD is getting stuffed (Or is that the other way around)

Agnes is excited because her son Trevor whom she has not seen in five years has promised to pay a Christmas Visit home.  However Cathy returns from her trip to America with unwelcome news, but who will tell Mammy?

Rory Brown is distraught because his partner Dino has tried to drown him, Mark and Betty do their best to keep everybody calm, while nobody is sure what to do about Winnie's big box or Granddad‘s little hamster.

• Will Agnes get the Virgin Mary gig?
• What is Cathy's big secret?
• Which of the Browns - is NOT a Brown?
• Why does granddad keep going out the bedroom window?
• Why is Buster learning to be a Penguin

Yes it's the usual mayhem we all expect from the most dysfunctional Irish clan, you will laugh and cry as the Brown's preparations for Christmas fall apart at the seams.

Of course throughout it all the ever optimistic Agnes sails along, sure as always that everything will work out just the way it's supposed to.

If it's a night at the theatre that will have you wetting yourself laughing that you are looking, then come along..... You aint seen nothing yet!