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About Killa Kela

Killa Kela lives, breathes and speaks creativity. He's been mad on it since he was a kid in Billingshurst, West Sussex, UK. This is a guy who understands the building blocks of music, the structure and the beats that make it up. When you're arguably the best beatboxer on the planet, you know a thing or two about conjuring up whole songs - entire mini symphonies - using just the tools at your immediate disposal. In Kela's case, his mouth. Most people would describe this skill as ‘beatboxing' but he prefers to describe his astounding talent as ‘multivocalism'.

When you think of Killa Kela the first thing that springs to mind is his beatboxing but he is a musical force way beyond this. He has learnt how to take his finely tuned beatbox techniques and apply them to his singing voice, to weave them in and out of live instrumentation, to let producers dip into the vast sound library which exists in his head. All this has created a truly unique and intriguing sound.
With albums The Permanent Marker (2002) and Elocution (2005) already under his belt 2007 saw Killa Kela's first new studio output "Reveal Your Inner Self". This track was deemed as a departure into more aggressive waters. Kela teamed up with one of the most sought after new producers making music at the moment: James Rushent of Does It Offend You, Yeah?. Think, The Prodigy meets Daft Punk - aggression meets melody.

Later in 2007, Kela released his "On Tour Van Damage" mix CD. Expertly compiled and mixed by Plus One of the Scratch Perverts it contained 100% Killa Kela material. It truly shows off his undeniable diversity and originality as an artist: smashed together with previews of brand-new, "fresh from the studio" tracks and set alongside complete re-workings of older material. It is all tied together by a rich vein of live recordings ingeniously interspersed throughout the mix. You witness Killa Kela on stage staggering various audiences across the world as well as hearing first hand how effortlessly he collaborates with a whole host of different artists: Get Cape Wear Cape, Fly, Adam Freeland, Roots Manuva, and Plan B, just to name a few. It's an amazingly creative listen.

Fast forward to 2009. Kela moves to new, independent label, 100% Records and his next album ‘Amplified!' is set to be released at the end of summer 2009. The album has been a labour of love for Killa Kela and saw him working solidly throughout 2008 in the studio. He teamed up with a raft of different producers and artists: Alan Braxe (Stardust: "Music Sounds Better With You"), Does It Offend You Yeah?, Hadouken! Clipz and Martin Rushent who have all got involved to create ‘Amplified!'s' new and unique sound: it has a real alternative dance edge to it but has Killa Kela's personality and vocal dexterity very much at the forefront, driving the whole project forward. It has genuine attitude and musical diversity.

Kela says of his new 2009 album ‘Amplified!', ‘It kinda feels like my first. Reason being, it stands so far away from what I've done in the past, I feel totally reinvented by it. With the beatbox threaded in and out with what the band do, we have songs off the album meeting drum battles, my mouth meeting CDJ's and live special guest collaborations making each track and live show one of a kind.'

With the electrifying debut single ‘Built Like An Amplifier' due for release 29th June, written by Killa Kela and produced by James Rushent of Does It Offend You,Yeah? (Co producer of Prodigy Invaders Must Die) and close friends The Shaolin Punx, Kela indroduces to the world his new conception.

Kela served an effective apprenticeship - touring with Jurassic 5, being mentored by DJ Vadim, serving time with the Scratch Perverts and Rocksteady Crew, throwing out low-key singles, being snapped up by Sony BMG, touring and performing with new-found fans Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake.

The Killa Kela / Pharrell Williams link is an interesting one...and has influenced Kela greatly. The Neptunes' production genius is one of Killa Kela's biggest supporters. Kela first met him after hiding out at a NERD London gig, pre-sound check. After four hours' wait, he got his audience. One eighty second beat boxed medley of NERD/Neptunes/Pharrell tunes later, a fast friendship was formed. Kela and Pharrell ended up recording a live Radio One session as well shows and tours in the US, Europe and the UK, including an appearance together at Wireless Festival in Hyde Park, London.  

From day one, live has always been his number 1 asset - especially where his exceptional beatboxing skills were concerned. His mission has always been to mesh beatboxing with tracks to create an entirely new form of his music and a new genre in itself. Kela is the front man who was born to perform in front of crowds. Working alongside him he has a constant turn around of talent and exciting performers that help create the Killa Kela live experience. He is constantly performing across the country and his live shows currently see him performing with a full live band. Kela's multi-vocal skills (singing, rapping and beatboxing) are the heart of the show weaved in and out of live instrumentation and Djing. It's an unconventional set-up that is an astounding experience as Kela unveils his brand-new material this year to the masses.

Killa Kela's musical diversity stems and sites from influences across his whole life and career and include the likes of Iggy Pop, GN'R and a lot of 80's/90's rock. The Song writing of Brian Wilson, Prince, Phil Collins, the artistry of The Prodigy, The Cribs, Jack White, Santo Gold, Dizzee, Goldie, Pharrell, Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, T.I.. Most Hip Hop and D&B. and the Beatbox scene in general. Oh and cartoons: Ren N Stimpy.

Killa Kela live are:

Andy Knowles - Drums (previously toured for 2 years with Franz Ferdinand + also worked alongside The Cribs and the Fiery Furnaces. There' is no greater showman behind the drums out there!)

Spider J - Bass (previously working alongside UK Apache, Lee Scratch Perry, Mad Professor)

DJ Skeletrik, his long standing DJ (and voted sexiest male 2003)