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About Little Feat

Little Feat is very possibly the last-man (and woman)-standing example of what used to be the norm in American music, a fusion of a broad span of styles and genres into something utterly distinctive. Feat took California rock, funk, folk, jazz, country, rockabilly, and New Orleans swamp boogie and more, stirred it into a rich gumbo, and has been leading people in joyful dance ever since. 

It all began because in 1969 Frank Zappa was smart enough to fire Lowell George from the Mothers of Invention and tell him to start a band of his own.  Paul Barrere, Feat's guitarist, wrote recently, "It's almost 33 years ago exactly since Mr. [Lowell] George came to the front door of the Laurel Canyon house I was livin' in, with that beautiful white ‘p' bass in hand, and asked if I wanted to try out as bass player for his new band. As most who know the story's end can tell you, as a bassist I make an excellent guitarist..."  

Success is hard.  It cost Feat their founder, Lowell George, who passed in 1979 while working on Down on the Farm. And it cost them, temporarily, their joy; shortly after, they disbanded. 

In 1986, Barrere and Payne met up in a chance jam session, and found that they could still find that inspiration.  What they had written in "Hangin' On To The Good Times Here"... although we went our own ways, we couldn't escape from where we came, so we find ourselves back at the table again, telling stories of survivors and friends" - was of course true, as with any righteous song - and in 1988 they hit the road again, where they've been ever since, joined by Craig Fuller on vocals and Fred Tackett on guitar.  Let It Roll re-introduced them to the world, and was followed by Representing the Mambo and then Shake Me Up. Craig left and Shaun Murphy joined in 1993; her feminine energy and powerful blues voice revitalized Feat, and 15 years later the line-up remains the same. 

Easily one of the hardest working bands in showbiz, today's Little Feat is a seven-member powerhouse that ably carries on the group's tradition in both the recording and touring arenas.

Their most recent studio album is Kickin' It At The Barn, produced by Feat-ers Paul Barrere, Bill Payne and Fred Tackett. It's named after the place it was recorded throughout 2003, Tackett's barn-come-studio in Topanga Canyon, which Bill Payne has called "Little Feat's version of The Band's ‘Big Pink'," and which lent an invaluable ambience to the undertaking. In his liner notes, faithful Feat scribe Paul Barrere writes "if music is a conversation between the players, then we are talking like never before...this has been truly one of the most memorable recording projects we've done. We started with an idea to write songs on acoustic guitar and piano, like the old days before computers and samples, and then let the band interpret the music."