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Marijonas Mikutavicius Su Grupe


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About Marijonas Mikutavicius Su Grupe


There are performers who seem to be too gentle and calm for big halls and noisy concerts. There are some who seem to be too wild to perform still. Marijonas belongs to the latter. Known for his widely sang pieces, such as "Trys milijonai" (Three Million), "Pasveikinkit vieni kitus" (Let's Greet Each Other), "Pakeliui namo" (On Our Way Home), "Nebetyli sirgaliai" (Celebrate basketball) he seems to be made for massive feasts and wonderful fiestas. However, the audience that is better acquainted with his creation knows songs that simply could be whispered without fear to break the stillness.

Marijonas and band's concert at London's HMV Forum (9-17 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1JY) on 25 March 2012, at 19:00 will be like an attempt to make the big sound speak silently.

The performer promises, that during two-hour concert all most popular songs, composed by Marijonas himself and in co-operation with other authors, will be played. Some of them have been changed in order to produce new sound. Fans of Marijonas will have a chance to hear live performance of the new basketball anthem "Celebrate basketball".

What should a concert be like? Marijonas says: "You know, I have never been a brilliant singer. But I always was good at imposing my mood, good or bad, on others. Sorry for this."