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About Nelson

Formed in Paris in 2004, the quartet regularly played gigs around the capital before settling down to record their first EP, Bangkok Riot.

Met with rave reviews, it didn't take Nelson long before they retreated back into their musical world to put together a first album. What adds to the overall power and allure of their music, not to mention their perfect handling of production equipment, is how they carefully tinker with the arrangements without ever repressing their simplicity; a simplicity which cannot be overlooked.

Similar to Animal Collective, the group preys upon our nerves as Thomas Pirot beats his drums. New Order and Notwist can also be heard through the distinct yelling of Gregory Kowalski, followed by the murmuring of JB Devay or the droning of David Nichols. When the music finally stops spinning around in our heads, we aren't quite sure how Nelson managed to take us on a musical journey straight into their madness.