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About O Rappa

"It has never End ..." presents to the public the new album tracks; stage bet on mapped projections
After tour that garnered two Lollapaloozas and concerts in Brazil, O Rappa is on the road to present "Never Has End ...", his latest work which was nominated for a Latin Grammy.

In his new album, O Rappa sonoriza strength that the Brazilian employs on a daily basis, in each of his battles. On land as aloof with those most in need, it sounds like a happy stubbornness. That done, it establishes faith and hope as beacons, mirroring a path that always runs forward, guided by a North positivity of better days.

To wear these feelings, melodies carved dub, reggae, rock and hip hop. The common denominator of these sounds is the DNA of The Rappa, stitching these elements with new accessories such as more present guitar solos, loops and varied schedules, metals and timbres hitherto unexplored and even a mention of a classic Bebeto, samba-rock maestro.

The result gives your business card in the opening track, the mighty dub "The horizon is right there," but also calls the shots in bar reggae "Good evening, Xango." And as always did, O Rappa looks at the same aloof land, the streets of any city, to take her poetry as the provocative "Doctor, yes sir!" And also in "terminal Sequence" and "creeps Life" (which carries verses closely linked to protests that have spread across the country, "the runaway machine consumes the desire to stay in peace, anger orgasm, and life here is worth much more").

The first two singles, which already gave sample of what was there, were very well received by the public. "Angels (For those who have faith)", has over 13 million views on YouTube and just like "Auto-reverse", the second single, occupied the position of the most sold on iTunes. With this baggage, O Rappa finds the road with the tour "has never End ...". The new scenario uses containers as screens for projections mapped, technology that allows full control of the images. The result of a joint work of art direction of DUO2, who has created for the stage of Ozzy Osbourne and Rod Stewart, and Cassio Amarante, who has signed the direction of art films as "Brazil's central", "Sound and Fury" and "The Year My Parents Went on Vacation", the stage is an expanded experience of the band's performance. They are images that orbit the universe of O Rappa and masterfully blend poetry and social criticism as to what is seen in a provocative game that looks for Amarildo, disappeared mason helper in Favela da Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro. The finish is up to the lighting designed by Danny Nolan, who has in his long track record shows how 30 years of The Police.

The repertoire of performances, new music share the stage with the classic 20 years on the road.