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About Rain Man

"I didn't take Raymond. I took half the money"..

When 16-year-old Charlie Babbit borrows his dad's car, he calls the cops. Determined to make it on his own, Charlie leaves.

When his dad dies, Charlie gets the car and some rose bushes - but not the money. Hot on the trail of the cash Charlie discovers an unknown autistic brother, Raymond with an extraordinary talent for numbers. Intent on saving his business, Charlie takes Raymond on a rollercoaster journey involving Las Vegas, gambling, learning to dance, kissing.
Raymond discovers a world beyond the hospital gates and Charlie, the meaning of unconditional love.

Based on Barry Morrow's original Oscar-winning screenplay and re-imagined for the stage by Dan Gordon and director David Grindley, the play examines the nature of love, understanding and connection. Leading the cast in this funny, heart-warming and touching contemporary story is Hollywood movie actor, Josh Hartnett in his West End debut as Charlie and Olivier Award-nominated actor Adam Godley as Raymond.

"Josh Hartnett's riveting charismatic on stage as screen" - Evening Standard

"Adam Godley is wonderful" - Independent on Sunday