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About Rebel Rebel

Enter Irish Bowie tribute band Rebel Rebel; 6 experienced musicians who don’t regard themselves as a covers band but as “Bowie fans playing music we love to Bowie fans”. Rebel Rebel play a costumed show of Bowie’s greatest hits and key album tracks from 'Space Oddity' to 'Where Are We Now' - no mean feat when you consider the range of musical styles and techniques that the legendary chameleon has deployed over 6 decades of enthralling music.

A recent highlight was their performance at the worlds first Bowie symposium - Strange Fascination – in the University of Limerick, an event that attracted Bowiephiles from New Ross to New Zealand.
“We felt the symposium was a make or break gig for us,” relates lead singer Peter Quinn. “We played to an audience of academics who were also Bowie fans and before we went on stage that night we heard there were people in the audience who had actually worked with Bowie, which of course only added to our fears. What would they expect? Would we be able to win them over? ”
The band need not have worried. They received rave reviews and one in particular from Co-organiser Dr. Eoin Devereux who said "Rebel Rebel were the highlight of the first ever David Bowie Symposium, convincingly reproducing the key phases of Bowie's musical career.