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Seth Lakeman

Alternative and Indie

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About Seth Lakeman

Seth Lakeman is a West Country born singer-songwriter, credited with bringing folk music to a whole new audience, since his 2005 Mercury nominated debut Kitty Jay.

Seth's live show, as with everything else he does, takes the established folk orthodoxy and turns it on its head. The spirit of the rock band meets the timeless and heartfelt subject matter of the folk tale in a blur of fiddle, acoustic guitar and foot-stomping rhythms, with Seth's unmistakable vocals riding the wave.

Having taken the leap of signing to a major label off the back of his self-financed debut, Seth's second album, Freedom Fields, sold over 100,000 copies following its release in 2006.

Seth's third album Poor Man's Heaven perfectly captures the raw, rhythmic energy of his live shows.

Seth also continues to develop the lyrical themes from the traditional West Country inspired story telling of his previous work. The often historical contexts are brought sharply up-to-date when pivotal track, Soloman Brown, recounts the real-life story of the ill-fated Penlee lifeboat which perished in 1981 while trying to salvage a shipwrecked Union Star coaster. 16 people died in the failed rescue, and Lakeman's dramatic and powerful take on that night's fateful events, written in the hope of honouring those men and keeping the story alive, is a modern take on the truest tradition of folk music.

Last updated: February, 2019