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About Steptoe and Son

The time is somewhere in the future. The Steptoe house is in the caring hands of the National Trust as the last remaining example of a typical totters yard. Albert is long dead - killed in a fit of pique by Harold hurling an assegai through the door of the kazee. Harold has done a bunk to South America to escape being sentenced to the loony bin. But now, some years later, he slips back into the country to revisit the scene of the crime. Only to discover the ghost of Albert waiting for his return...

In a whirlwind of non-stop laughs, Harold and Albert are once again at each other's throats as we get the full, unexpurgated account of their hilarious relationship from cradle to the grave and beyond.

Anyone who has ever watched any Steptoe TV episode will roar with laughter at Steptoe and Son in Murder at Oil Drum Lane.