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About Tina C

Tina C is the multi award-winning country music singer who is the head of a global multimedia empire. A billionaire whose primary skill is unremitting self-belief, she changed the zeitgeist by running as a celebrity independent for the White House. She didn't get in but unwittingly found herself John the Baptist to Donald J Trump's Jesus Christ. This is not pleasing Tina.

Using the persuasive power of red hot country music, and her confrontational delivery, Tina's in fighting form. She's jetting off on a world tour in 2018 prior to announcing her intention to make it to the White House as a credible alternative to Trumpism, and Oprahism. She gave the world the idea that deluded self-made billionaires should rule instead of politicians and she's damn well not missing out now. Her album No Dick's As Hard As My Life created the first crack in the now rapidly crumbling patriarchy. Her autobiography Complete & Utter Country prefigured #MeToo by several years. Tina has been gender nonconforming since she was the prettiest girl in Open Throat Holler. Come and witness a woman whose time has come!

"Super-smart politics, beautiful original songs, more laughs than the audience can stand (or sometime understand), and the best legs in the business, Tina C. has got it all." – Time Out

"Christopher Green's Tina C is one of the great comic creations of the age. A genuinely fine country singer, but with a twist of satire and insight which is rare and to be highly prized." – Stephen Fry

Last updated: May, 2018