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Wouldn't It Be Nice


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About Wouldn't It Be Nice

Wouldn't It Be Nice... brings together artists and designers in a major exhibition full of wit and subversion. Featuring new and recent work from 10 leading practitioners from the world of art and design, the exhibition explores the common ground between the two fields.

The exhibition shows how contemporary art and design have recently been fostering some intriguing shared ideals; rejecting traditional definitions of their practice and instead treating their work as an investigation. The exhibition focuses on art and design's cultural role as a medium for experimentation, and a catalyst for change. Subtitled ‘wishful thinking', the territory explored is a modest form of Utopianism, a whistle of optimism against a bass note of misgiving.

The content will constantly change and develop with a programme of performance-based installations during the run. Wouldn't It Be Nice... includes new commissions from Martino Gamper and Bless.

Performances include:

The MacGuffin Library by Onkar Kular and Noam Toran
Cocoon No.4 by Chosil Kil
Dot Dot Dot evenings with Dexter Sinister
Julia Lohman
An Inventory of Aliases (åbäke & friends)


Martino Gamper
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby in conversation with Embankment Galleries curator Claire Catterall
Ryan Gander in conversation with exhibition co-curator Emily King
Jurgen Bey in conversation with Design Critic of the International Herald Tribune, Alice Rawsthorn

In the exhibition:

Jurgen Bey
Dexter Sinister
Dunne and Raby with Michael Anastassiades
Alicia Framis
Martino Gamper
Ryan Gander
Marti Guixe
Tobias Rehberger